Easy Spring Flower Arrangement Featuring Cabbage

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One of my favorite ways to welcome spring is with a fresh bouquet. See how easy it is to create this spring flower arrangement that features cabbage!

Spring is such a beautiful season to watch! As the days get warmer more things start to come alive. Watching those early bulb flowers like daffodils, hyacinth and tulips do their thing is so amazing.

And when those lovely flowers start to pop up outside, it automatically makes me what to see them appear inside our home as well. So a few days ago, I created an elegant but simple spring flower arrangement featuring cabbage for our kitchen.

easy spring flower arrangement featuring cabbage in white vase

Now if you just paused a sec and asked yourself, did she say spring flower arrangement with cabbage? I get it. This arrangement will either be a hit or a big dud. Either way – I took a risk and went for it!

Cabbage is definitely not found in your typical flower arrangement. But when you stop and think about their big green leaves with all the amazing curled edging texture. It’s possible they could take a floral arrangement to a new level. So I decided I would play with some kale leaves.

close up of flowers in spring flower arrangement

At first, I was like – this might be a complete failure of an arrangement. But I kept going until every flower was in place. Chris thought I had lost my mind. I wondered if I had too, but I had to try.

So I made the arrangement and it was ok. But not great. So I just went to bed and left it overnight, hoping more of my flowers would open up and give the spring flower arrangement a more fuller look.

easy spring flower arrangement featuring cabbage in white vase on kitchen counter

And you know, the next day I thought it looked pretty cool! If you’re thinking the same thing, let me show you what you’ll need and how to recreate this fun spring floral look.

So I picked up all my fresh flowers at Trader Joe’s. And I found my cabbage pieces at a local grocery store. Right now, Trader Joe’s is full of beautiful floral options. So if you have one local, I definitely would suggest shopping there first for your flowers.

flowers laying in kitchen counter for spring flower arrangement

When I was selecting my flowers, I was trying to stay with only green hues. So I picked the hyacinth because it looked more soft green than pink.

But obviously I knew very little about this flower because once it fully bloomed – they turned bright pink (to my surprise)! It’s ok. I think the pick is actually a nice touch to the arrangement.

close up of flowers in spring flower arrangement

Start With Cabbage

The first think I inserted in the bud vase was the cabbage. I picked it first because the leaves are pretty big and make a huge statement.

And I wanted them to basically be the foundation of my arrangement so I could build on top of their strong greens.

close up of ranunculus flower in spring flower arrangement

Next Add More Fragile Flowers

Once those were in place I next reached for the ranunculus.

Ranunculus tend to be more weak and floppy, so I wanted to insert them in first so I could then support them more with the other flowers in the bouquet. Once those were in, I then started adding the hyacinth.

I only had about four stems of this particular flower, so I just tried to place them in as evenly as possible. 🙂

close up of hyacinth flower in spring flower arrangement

Finish By Filling In With Carnations

Then lastly, I added in the carnations. I gently just placed them into the spring flower arrangement any where there was a gap or empty spot. Then I stood back and tweaked a little here and there. And that’s pretty much it!

easy spring flower arrangement featuring cabbage in white vase

I think the arrangement has started looked better and better each day as more blooms have opened and the hyacinth have become a richer pink. So maybe this cabbage flower arrangement experiment might have just worked. 🙂 What do you think? Do you like this look for spring?

easy spring flower arrangement featuring cabbage in white vase

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easy spring flower arrangement featuring cabbage in white vase

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