Basement Family/Play Room Makeover – Week 3

Hi friends and a happy Friday eve to you! It’s time for me to check in with you on my progress on the Basement Family/Play Room Makeover. If you missed seeing what the room started out like…you can find that post here. Last week I shared my mood board for the space, you can find that here.

To be honest, a whole lot hasn’t happened in this space yet. I’m like 85% finished with my kitchen and I’m so tired living in that space “almost done”. So I pulled the trigger on Tuesday with the very last step…painting the kitchen cabinets. I hope to get that finished this weekend and then I can move onto the basement early next week.

I have been doing some night online shopping for the space though. I was thinking for the wall that has the window, I could place some Ikea Kallax shelves.

Two of these shorter Kallax shelves on the ends…


and then one of these Kallax shelves laying horizontal sandwiched between the two ends.


Kinda like a little reading nook. I think it could look really cute, especially if I add some of these grey baskets to the two end bookcases…



But I kinda like this color too…


I’m wondering since my sectional is grey if grey baskets would be too much gray? So that’s my dilemma. Help a lady out and give me some feed back…which color should I choose…grey or rattan?

Hope to be back next week with some progress photos for you!

Until then be sure to check out the other guest participants




  1. We are re-designing our basement also, but as a retro themed family game and tv area. Instead of limiting your basket ideas to grey or natural, what other colors would you like to bring out? You mention your sofa is grey, so if you were thinking of adding maybe a bright orange or yellow, or maybe a lighter, but bolder, green shade to the room, you could paint the baskets the same color to add a cohesive color-pop. Or, depending on the tightness of the basket weave, weave in a color matching ribbon. If the shelves are going to hold books, you could attach little wood or tin signs with the book descriptions, (fiction/non-fiction/historical figures/etc.), painted in the matching color to continue bringing little color pops from the couch to the shelves. Hope you’re enjoying your basement make-over!

  2. We are saving to finish off our basement. I can’t wait to see the final reveal of yours! I would love some more ideas.

  3. All such good ideas, love those baskets! And we would love to have you at our to Grandma’s house we go Wednesday link party!

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