All On Amazon: Classic and Affordable Flush Mount Lighting Fixtures

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Here is an affordable selection of some classic styles of flush mount lighting – all under $100!

So this past month I’ve made some progress in our basement home gym. Yea, you may remember when I mentioned transforming this area in our home back at the beginning of 2022.

I’m not gonna deny that it’s been going slow. I haven’t had much time, energy and getting the supplies I wanted has shown to be very difficult as well. But this month I was able to clear the room of a bunch of stuff we no longer needed/used and I almost got the corner shelfing system all removed.

The more time I spend in this room, the more I realize it needs better lighting. Right now it has one flush mounted lights which is a style I absolutely hate. The dreaded ‘boob light’! You know what I am talking about. Not the best style.

As much as I would love to install a ceiling fan, the ceilings are too low. So I’ve been searching through a ton of flush mount lighting that will work with lower basement ceilings. I want a new light that has a timeless, classic style and is affordable – like under $100 bucks.

My Flush Mount Lighting Style

One of my favorite flush mount lighting purchases is our kitchen’s main light. When we first moved into our home the original owners had a fluorescent light installed. That had to go! I think it may have been one the very first changes I made to this house. The sound of those lights drives me nuts.

So I replaced it with this lovely classic linen flush mount light. Years later, I still love it. It gives our kitchen plenty of light when needed. And when it’s not on – it just looks good! 🙂

round drum flush mount lighting in gray kitchen

So if you have been on the hunt for some new flush mount lighting as well, I know a great place to shop – Amazon! The great thing about shopping Amazon is their massive selection of affordable lighting. And if you combine those low prices with their free prime shipping, all of your flush mount lighting is going to be stylin’ in no time. 😉

So, the following are some of my favorite styles of flush mount and semi-flush mount light fixtures I found in my search! Simply click any of the images below to learn more about each of the items. You may have to double-tap on mobile.

Please note that prices were accurate as of the date of this post, but may be subject to change. And also keep in mind, many of these lights come in multiple finishes as well!

I have to tell you that #1 and #9 are a couple of my favorite picks for our basement gym. I love their simple looks and the fact they have a very slim, low-profile. But they still have a fun contrast with the metal detailing. Which style is your favorite?

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Shop All Flush Mount Lighting Below

And if you are on the search for something and would like me to feature it in another All On Amazon post – I’d love to know. Leave a comment and I’ll add it to the list! 🙂

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