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Help your four-legged friend live their best life with all my favorite pet finds – all on Amazon!

So about two months ago we decided to become a two dog family and we added Mr. Winston to the family. After his arrival I found myself searching through Amazon to find him all the things a new puppy requires. And it occurred to me, you maybe be needing some help when it comes to pet supplies as well. So, I’ve gathered all of my favorite pet finds to share with you. And of course, they are All on Amazon so you can put that fabulous free prime shipping to good use!

It’s no surprise how many great pet accessories you can find on Amazon. I’ve actually purchased many of Charlie’s and Winston’s favorite items there.

So here’s a roundup of my favorite pet finds. To shop, just click directly on the numbered item below the image.

1/ padded leather collar 2/ dog treat training pouch 3/ orange pet odor eliminator 4/ grooming slicker brush 5/ interactive dog toy 6/ elevated pet bowls 7/ dog camera 8/ lattice treat jar 9/ woven round pet bed 10/ training treats 11/ plaid treat jars 12/ paw cleaner 13/ slow feeder dog bowl 14/ leash (comes in 25 color choices) 15/ fur donut cuddler

I have to tell you that #5 and #13 have been lifesavers when it comes to feeding Winston. What can I say? This boy is growing like crazy and he loves his food. And he sees no reason to actually chew it when sucking it down like a vacuum works just fine. 🙂

all on amazon pet finds

So I had to get creative. The slo bowl has slowed his eating ‘roll’ a ton. And I can’t believe how funny it is to watch this crazy guy eat in circles as he’s going around the bowl! 🙂

The toy challenges him while keeping him entertained for a good 10-15 minutes so that’s a huge help to this busy mama as well. Another item that my dogs love that I forget to mention is Ear Candy. They can chew on these for hours and I love that the company in located right next door to me in Boulder!

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You can also shop my Amazon store front, where I share some of my best Amazon finds as well! Happy Shopping for you and your pets!


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