Six on Saturday: New Uses for Dish Towels

We all know that dish towels are helpful for…
well, drying the dishes obviously.
But did you know that a dish towel can 
do more than just soak up some water.
Discover six new uses for this lovely wash-and-dry staple
that won’t leave you throwing in the towel. 🙂
1) Stop a sliding cutting board. Prevent your cutting board from sliding on the counter top by wetting and wringing out a dish towel. Then lay it down for a non-skid work surface.

2) Make your own rice steamer. Once your rice is tender, remove your pan from the heat. Then place a folded dish towel over the lid, replace the lid, and set aside for 5 to 10 minutes. The towel will absorb the extra moisture, leaving you with perfect rice and no mush.

3) Set a table for two. Lay a colorful dish towel over the center of your table and you’ll get to place mats for the price of one towel. A Paris bistro feel with no passport required!

4) Create a chewy dog toy. Find three old dish towels and and cut an inch wide strip on the short end of two dish towels. Use one of the strips to firmly tie the three towels together. Tightly braid, then secure the end with the other second strip. Sparky will thank you.

5) Dress your wine in style. Place your wine bottle along one side of the fabric so the top of the bottle meets the top of the towel. Fold the excess towel at the bottom over the bottle, forming a kind of pocket. Then roll the dish towel evenly and secure at the neck with a pretty ribbon. This would make a great house warming gift.

6) Wear a stylish apron. Sew a button to each corner of one long side of the towel. Tie a long piece of ribbon around each button, leaving a small knotted tail. Then wrap the ribbons around your waist and tie a bow.

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Do you know any other new uses for a dish towel?

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    1. Great idea! We’ve used rice packs for years on sore muscles and even cold feet. The kids love them and they safely cool down without worry of something being on or plugged in. I’ve seen people sell them at craft shows for $20 or more.

  1. woven (not terry cloth) towels make great cloths for rolling out pie crust or cookie dough (dust with flour first).

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