Amazon Prime Day (Favorite Items – Picked By You!)


Amazon Prime Day is here! Here’s my top 15 picks.

If you haven’t guessed by now, I’m a big fan of Amazon and I absolutely love my Prime membership! What’s not to love about FREE two day shipping?! 😉

If you love to shop Amazon too, you’ll definitely want to check out the sales happening on Amazon over the next two days. 

So What’s Amazon Prime Day, You Ask?

Amazon Prime Day is one the biggest sale days Amazon holds each year. This year it is actually two days and runs through tomorrow night. You do have to be an Amazon Prime member to take advantage of their many fabulous deals. But you can get a free trial if you’re not already a member!

We’ve actually been a member for about six years now — and it’s worth every penny! If you don’t have a prime membership you can sign up for a 30-day free trial and use it during the sale. And did you know? You can even share your Prime Membership with anyone (like a spouse), you can add your mom, dad, brother or sister in your household. 🙂

So now that we’ve talked about what Amazon Prime Day is, let’s talk about all the fun stuff – what to buy!

What Can You Buy On Amazon?

The crazy thing about Amazon is that you can buy almost anything there! 🙂 But I wanted to share the top 15 items you have purchased over the past years based on my blog posts and recommendations.

I always love to look back and see what products have been the most helpful to you. And who knows? You may be surprised by some of the items on the list!

Your Top 15 Amazon Purchases

1| Solar Step Lights. These super handy solar step lights have been great! I first installed them when I updated our backyard deck last year. And you apparently loved them just as much as me. 🙂

2| Kitchen Garden RevivalTo my surprise, this book was a big hit when I featured it in one of my Friday’s Fantastic Finds post. Apparently I’m not alone in needing some gardening tips. 🙂

3| Glass Food Storage Containers. These containers are the best! I featured them in my post sharing all my best tips on fridge organization.

4| Pull-Out Sliding Shelf. This super handy organizing shelf was featured in my post on how to organize under the kitchen sink

5| Black and White Striped Rug. The rug that has been one of my favorites for our back yard deck! You can’t go wrong with stripes, right? I featured this rug in my post all about how to decorate your deck for easy outdoor living.

6| Classic Urn Planter. These urns were very popular when I featured them in my post about outdoor planters and the best shapes and styles to select.

7| Cotton Linen Pillow Cover.  One of my favorite places to look for great pillow covers that are affordable is Amazon. Love their selection like this one that was featured in my post on the best places to buy affordable pillows.

And we are not done yet….

8| Dusk to Dawn Light Bulbs. So, one of the easiest ways freshen your curb appeal is with new lighting. And I’ve had these smart sensor bulbs for years and they’re still working great. I shared them with you in my post about seven easy ways to update your curb appeal.

9| Lazy Susan Storage Basket. The baskets that saved my kitchen! My corner lazy susan kitchen cabinets were a mess until I discovered these baskets and got those cabinets organized in this post.

10| Glamourous Wash. The best laundry detergent ever. One try and you will be hooked for life. This household favorite of mine was featured in a Friday’s Fantastic Finds. And almost 15,000+ reviews can’t be wrong. 🙂

11| Outdoor String Lights. One of my favorite purchases from Amazon! These lights were featured on one of weekend sales roundups.

12| Wagner Paint Sprayer. Since my painting kitchen cabinets tutorial is one of the top posts on my website, this sprayer has always been super popular. And I know why – it works great and helps you get your painting jobs done sooooo much faster! 🙂

13| Wood Hammack Stand and Quilted Hammock. Both were featured in this popular post on the best hammocks and outdoor swings. Still love ’em by they way. 🙂

14| Multi-Position Ladder. If you need to reach great heights this is the ladder you need. It’s super helpful tool that helped me paint our super TALL walls

15| Charcoal Indoor/Outdoor Rug. Love this popular rug! It was featured in my post discussing one of my very favorite trends on how to layer door mats. 🙂


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