The Best Backyard Hammock and Outdoor Swings


Discover some of the best backyard hammock and outdoor swings to help you create a wonderful hammock oasis in your own backyard!

First off, I want to thank you so much for your love on our hammock backyard oasis! I’ve been out in the hammock daily and even the boys were swinging in it last night. Today it’s been raining pretty much non-stop since lunch so I will have to skip it this evening. But there’s always tomorrow right!

A ton of you were excited to replicate this retreat for your own backyard. So, I wanted to give you a helping hand with the best backyard hammocks I could find.

I’ve put together a great roundup of my favorite hammock stands, affordable hammock styles and even some outdoor swings. All of them will help you create a fabulous comfortable hammock oasis in your very own backyard!

So let’s break it down…

Hammock Stands and Chair Stands

The base to any great outdoor hammock is a high quality stand. We went with a teak wood stand that has held up great over the years! 

One of the reasons why we selected this style is because we didn’t have much space and it was a portable hammock. So we could easily move it if need be.

Discover some of the best backyard hammock and outdoor swings to help you create a wonderful hammock oasis in your own backyard! #hammocks #outdoorswings

Basically when it comes to selecting your stand, you have two different style options. Wood stands that are often made of teak or pine. Or there’s a steel frame option. Both seem very durable.

So it’s just choosing which look you prefer for your yard. Of course, easy assembly is always a plus to consider!

You can also pick from a single hammock or double hammock. We went with a double hammock because we often like to hammock in couples, either Chris and I or the boys together.

Obviously a single will be cheaper but you need to take in account the weight capacity to keep everyone safe. 🙂


Hammocks and Cushions

Now here comes the fun part – choosing your hammock style for your outdoor space. There are a ton of different colors and options to pick from in this department.

There’s the traditional rope hammocks style which reminds me of a hammock you would find on the beach. Cotton fabric, canvas, linen and polyester are popular materials for hammocks as well. 

And if you want your hammock with more padding, there are cushions! That’s right, with a hammock pillow top you’ll feel like you’re lying in hammock bed – but you’re outside. Some of these types of hammocks may even include a detachable pillow or a carry bag. Both are great bonuses!


Chair Hammocks

Chair hammocks are a fun spin on traditional hammocks. I think their best feature is their size. Because they are smaller, you can fit them almost anywhere you want. Which makes them perfect for under the trees or sitting on your back yard deck. 

Another bonus feature of the popular hammock chair is they often can be installed inside the home as well! So you don’t even need warm weather to enjoy them.


Chair and Porch Swings

If you want a little more support in your outdoor seating, chair and porch swings are super nice.

Now before you start thinking that porch swings are outdated, let me just show you this swing. It’s the perfect place for an afternoon nap don’t ya think?

And it’s nothing like your grandparents porch swing! It has a very modern look and I would put this on my porch in a heart beat. 🙂

Now if your porch is on the smaller side, chair swings are great option. We actually have this chair in the boys bedroom. 


Hopefully you found a great hammock for your own backyard oasis! Which best backyard hammock or swing style is your ideal hammock?

Discover some of the best hammocks and outdoor swings to help you create a wonderful hammock oasis in your own backyard! #hammocks #outdoorswings

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