You Deserve A Break Today!!

Today I put my son in his crib for a nap around noon and usually he is asleep by one o’ clock at the latest. But not today. Every thirty minutes or so I would peek in to check on him and find him playing in his crib, very content I might add. But not asleep. Finally, around 1:30 he drifted off to sleep. Yeah!! Time to get some stuff done!!

Naps are the best!! Now that Sebastian is older I have found naps to be very useful. I can accomplish tasks at my own pace and without interruptions. I can make phone calls, clean the house, start some prep work for dinner, you name it.

But I have also discovered naps can be very freshening and they can help me recharge. The trick is to take some time in your tasks to assign you as a task. Put yourself on the to do list. Take the time to sit and enjoy the quiet in your home. Maybe you could sit down with a book and some tea. Or get a Dr. Pepper and sit outside on the back porch and soak in the sun shine. You could even journal your thoughts for the day. You don’t have to use the whole nap time, 10 -20 minutes can do wonders!! Just stop and reflect on you.

When I take some time for me during this break from Sebastian I find that it makes me a better mother. I am more able to meet his needs after meeting my own. Don’t feel guilty! You are an important person to your family and you play a very important role. You are mother who deserves every minute you take in a break!

So I challenge you the next time you are organizing your to-do-list. Make sure you add yourself, because if you do, you are helping yourself be the best mom you can be!!

Photo by mrs. reed.

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