Good Job Moms!!

My son has a pretty small vocabulary so far but one of the first words he has learned was the combination “Good job!” I am sure he picked up on this saying when my husband and I would praise him for completing a task. Although there are obvious uses, my son has used it in more creative ways. For example, when he gets something he wants out of the cupboard, he praises himself!

But I find the way he praises me most uplifting. When I turn on Sesame Street for him, “Good Job!” Or when I change his diaper, “Good Job!” Refill his sippy cup, “Good Job!” Even turning on the lights in a room, I receive praise from my son! And I have to admit, almost every time it brings a smile to my face! I am the one who wants to praise and encourage him, yet everyday he is actually encouraging me.

So, I wanted to take encouraging words from my son and praise you. Good job Mom, for changing all those diapers. Good job Mom, for keeping your baby safe. Good job Mom, for being patient when your child isn’t. Good job Mom, for providing your little girl with a loving home. Good job Mom, for being your little boy’s best friend.

You are doing a good job Moms! Let my son’s words echo throughout your day. Praise to you!

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