Why We Chose Pergo Flooring

This post on why we chose Pergo flooring is sponsored by Pergo. All opinions expressed are my own.

Looking for new flooring? Discover why we chose Pergo flooring for our kitchen makeover. Basically, it all came down to expertise and durability.

When we first moved into our home almost a year ago, I had a long list of changes. My husband not so much, but he’s always been supportive of my interior design passion. One of the first areas I wanted to remodel was the kitchen/dining area. Everyone knows that the kitchen is the heart of the home. But my heart was so not into this kitchen. Over the past few months this area has been changing and I have been loving what my eyes now see.

Our new laminate floors from Pergo. We picked Cross Sawn Chestnut.

The last part of of completing this room makeover is the flooring. Our current flooring is linoleum that has been rather beat up. Lots of nicks and signs of wear. It’s time. We had wood floors in our last home and I loved them. So I started searching for a flooring that was made of quality and would last, I discovered Pergo laminate flooring.

Why did we choose Pergo?

For two reasons: expertise and durability. Pergo invented laminate flooring so you know they are the experts. And their laminate floors feature protective layers that resist wear and protect from scratches and dents. Combine that with their ScratchGuard Advanced and Pergo floors can withstand up to two times the wear of other laminates. I wanted floors that would last and look good for a long time.

Why did we choose laminate flooring?

Simply put, laminate floors are just way more durable! We have a dog and we have two very rumbustious boys. Our floors take a beating every day. I don’t want to worry about Britton banging pots that may nick or pushing carts that may scratch. Pergo laminate features protective layers that resist wear. That means life doesn’t have a chance against these floors.

Looking for new flooring? Discover why we chose Pergo flooring for our kitchen makeover. Basically, it all came down to expertise and durability.

Why did we choose Cross-Sawn Chestnut?

Pergo sent us a few samples which was great! It allowed us to see the flooring in our home with different daily light. I also loved that we could walk on the sample to feel the texture. I walk around my home barefoot all the time so that was important to me. We finally narrowed it down to three choices: Cross Sawn Chestnut, Allendale Oak and Amber Chestnut. Allendale was nice but it just wasn’t exactly what I had envisioned for the kitchen. Amber was a really nice color too but the plank size was pretty wide.  But when we saw Cross Sawn we knew it was the one! My husband and I both loved the color and contrasting pattern. I also loved the texture— feels like real wood. Plus it was apart of the Pergo Extreme Performance line, which meant it had protection for double the wear and double the durability of ordinary laminates. It also came with ScratchGuard Advanced for superior scratch and scuff resistance. So Cross Sawn Chestnut was the winner for us.


And I have to say, I love walking into my kitchen and feeling this floor. It’s so nice on the footsies. 😉

Why did we choose to DIY?

Laminate floors are very DIY friendly. It only took my husband and I a day (from like 11-7) to finish the dining room, kitchen and hallway adjoining the two rooms. You can install by yourself as well, but we found it helpful to have one person installing while another was cutting. It keeps the pace moving and you can take turns being on your knees. No lie…your knees will be sore the next day, and maybe the day after that too.

I really love my floors and I am so glad we decided to make this change to our home. I’ll be sharing a post later on about tips for installing laminate flooring. There will be lots of helpful information to get your floor installed smoothly and quickly! In the meantime you can find more about Pergo by visiting them on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram.


  1. This looks so good! We currently need to remove our carpet and I have been debating on what type of flooring to use. Great article. Thanks for sharing for the Home Matters Link Party.

  2. Your floors turned out great. We put in something similar and ripped out all our carpets. So worth it. Thanks for sharing at the Inspiration Spotlight party. Shared

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