What To Wear For Beach Family Photos

It’s that time of year to get the family dressed classy and in front of the camera. Here’s some great outfit suggestions for your family photos. 

We are on a family vacation this week in San Diego. And I decided it would be the perfect time to capture some beautiful family photos. The rest of the family is not so sure but they love me– so their willing to participate. 😉 The last time we took family photos, Britton was only one year old. So now that he’s four – going to be five in February — I think we are definitely due!  

There is no doubt that Colorado is perfect for family photos, especially in the fall. But the one type of picture you can not get living in this gorgeous state is a photo on the beach. So we are going to take advantage of the ocean while on vacation and capture a rare opportunity that will be a treasured memory. 

So I’ve put together our outfits and wanted to show you how I decided on what to wear. Plus, give you a couple tips if you are soon to do your own family photos. 

It's that time of year to get the family dressed classy and in front of the camera. Here's some great outfit suggestions for family photos. 

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Comfort First

Since we are on the beach, we are going to keep it pretty causal but still coordinated. We are kicking off the shoes and keeping things light. Chris tends to run a little hotter than the rest of us, so he has a short sleeve top. I am usually more on the cold side, so a pretty cardigan for me. Comfortable people will make happier pictures. Trust me. 

Background Cue

I took a cue from nature and let the colors of the beach inspire me. We are sticking with blues and khaki with a hint of pink for me. No one is matching – the khakis are even different colors — but we compliment. This is the goal!

Since I have boys, it’s pretty easy to get everyone coordinated for the photos. They’re not usually too pick about what they wear but Sebastian (who will be turning 13 next month!!!) is starting to develop his own ‘fashion sense’. 😉

Hopefully the weather will cooperate too and we’ll get some amazing photos. I can’t wait to see them and share them with you!

Here’s wishing everyone luck on family photo day!


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