Top 10 Things I Should Not Forget…

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It’s no secret that I have been having a few rough weeks and I have been focused on all the  things that are not ‘perfect‘ in my life. I have been so busy thinking about the ‘have not’s’ that I have lost focus on all that I ‘do have‘.

I also realized that I have not written a Thankful Thursday in a very, very long time! An I think that needs to change, starting today! I need to focus on all the blessings and wonderful things I do have in my life!

And what better way to start back on the right track then with a Top10 List! So here are my Top 10 ‘Everyday Blessings’ that I am thankful I have in my life, starting with 10…

10. a refreshing Dr. Pepper
  9. a very comfortable bed
  8. a morning snuggle with my son
  7. a reliable car….(definitely take that one for granted!)
  6. my son’s preschool (he loves it!)
  5. my husband’s job (thank you Lord!)
  4. the cutest pug ever…Butters!
  3. a healthy, working body
  2. an ‘I love you’ from my best friend
  1. a smile from my son (and maybe a hug, too!)

Immediately after I typed out my list, I had a smile from ear to ear. It is so good to give thanks! Happy Thursday, everybody!

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