Tips for Installing Laminate Flooring


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Want new flooring? Don’t think you can install them yourself? These tips for installing laminate flooring will show you anyone can do it. Including you!


When we decided to get new flooring the idea of installing it ourselves seemed overwhelming, maybe even a little bit scary? I was so wrong! Can you believe my husband and I installed our new, almost 350 sq ft of laminate flooring in just one day?! Could I walk the next day? No, not really…but that’s not the point. The point is check out how beautiful these floors are….

Want new flooring? Wonder if you can install them yourself? These tips for installing laminate flooring will show you anyone can do it. Including you!

I am so proud to say we installed them ourselves. It really is easy to do once you get the first few rows down. Of course, I learned a few tips along the way to share with you. If you’ve ever thought, “I wonder if I could install laminate flooring?”  With these tips, a few videos, and willpower the answer is “Definitely, YES!”

These three tips for installing laminate flooring with save you lots of time and frustration!

This whole project started the day after I got back from Seattle. We got up early-ish, dropped the kids off at the grandparents. We then gathered some last minute supplies, food and big cups of coffee. First thing we did was clear the room of furniture. Secondly, we removed the baseboards. We decided to try and reuse all of our baseboards. (Eventually, in time, we will be replacing them all.) Which brings me to the first tip…

Tip #1: Number Your Wall & Baseboards

When installing laminate flooring, be sure and number your baseboards.

Let’s face it…everyone is eager to start laying down those new shiny boards. The baseboards get ripped off in this massive rush and thrown into a pile. Then once the new flooring is installed and it’s time to put them back on the wall, it’s so confusing. Does this one go here? Or about there? Ugh. So save yourself the mystery and while removing the boards, write a number on the wall and on the back of the baseboard. All the pieces will then be order, you’ll know exactly where they go and they’ll be reinstalled in record time! 

The Cross Sawn Chestnut laminate we selected was a floating floor that already had underlayment attached. We installed our boards right over the top of our existing floors. Starting on the longest wall, we began laying down our first row. We made sure to leave room, about 3/8 inch, between the wall and boards on the perimeter of the room. This allows for the laminate to expand and contract with the changing climate temperatures. Our boards were tongue and groove and were designed to simply click together. Or so we thought. We started clicking and grooving only to realize they weren’t really attaching. Here’s where my second tip comes in…

Tip #2: Buy A Laminate Tapping Block with Hammer

When installing laminate flooring, use a tap block and hammer.

A tapping block helped us secure the tongue and groove correctly. The secret is to push down on the block as you gently tap the laminate into place with the special hammer. It closes up any gaps and helps the laminate flooring lock into place. Once we figured this out the boards simply clicked together. 

The only thing that really slows down the floor installation is the ‘cutting around’. You know, like cutting around air vents, wall angles, and door frames.  That brings me to my last tip…

Tip #3: Grab A Friend


I grabbed my husband but any willing person will work! I sawed and he clicked. We helped each other stay on track and it went pretty smoothly. If you really want to do this alone, you totally can. It will just take you longer, but still very doable.

All the work is totally worth it once you stand back and behold your new laminate flooring…


I really love my floors and I am so glad we decided to make this change to our home. If you’d like to read more about how we chose our flooring, you can find that post HERE.

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I’ll be sharing a post soon showing you the full reveal- including the newly remodeled kitchen! In the meantime you can find more about Pergo by visiting them on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram.

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