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Just the other day, my hubby and I were talking about Christmas memories as a child. One that we both remember was looking through big toy catalogs at Christmas time. Page after glorious page, dreaming of all the presents we wanted our parents to buy. Of course, we would fold down the corners making sure to mark the pages. We didn’t want our parents baffled or confused on what we wanted!

Well, fast forward to today and now my oldest son is doing the same thing.

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The Great Big Toys“R”Us Book of Awesome arrived a few days ago and the boy found it. He started looking through the catalog, pointing to all the toys that he wanted. There was so many and he was going so fast I couldn’t keep up! I noticed on the cover that Toys”R”Us now has a way you can make a mobile Wish List. Perfect! A list is exactly what we need.


We grabbed my cell phone and searched for to create a list of all the toys he was interested in. 🙂 Once signed up, we started using my phone to take pictures of his favorite picks. 


The first thing he wanted to add was a radio controlled remote car. So I snapped a picture of them and up popped up this display.


He liked the blue one so I selected it and then we added it to his wish list. So easy!



The beauty of the mobile Wish List is it can also be used inside a Toys”R”Us. Instead of taking a picture of the toy,  you can simply create your Wish List by scanning the bar code.

We ended up adding quite a few toys to his list, from Lego’s to Xbox’s. The thing I love about the Big Book is I can get shopping ideas and still keep the surprise. Most likely by the time Christmas rolls around, he will have forgotten what he picked. 😉 That’s a win for this mom!


Do you think Wish Lists are just for the kids? Get Inspired by some of these famous characters wish lists.

Is your family excited with the Big Book arrival?

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