Three Amazing Places in the Pacific Northwest

I’ve been dying to tell you about my latest travels! I just got back from a week long sister vacation. For this 3rd trip together my sisters and I decided to pick the Pacific Northwest. None of us had traveled there before so it was a perfect location to hang out, explore and have some much needed down time. We saw so much and ate too much!  It was all so wonderful that I couldn’t wait to share the whole adventure with you and highlight three amazing places to visit in the Pacific Northwest.

First must see in the Pacific Northwest is of course…


This is where our week long trip started. We found the perfect hotel that is right in the heart of the city….the Pan Pacific Hotel. Selected as one of Condé Nast Travel magazine’s “Best in the World” hotel and I can totally see why. Everyone on the staff was so friendly and helpful. They greeted us every time we entered and left the hotel and made us feel really welcomed. When we first saw our room, we were so impressed. The beds were super comfortable too, as Pan Pacific was were I had some of the best sleep on the whole trip!




We already loved it all, but when my sister opened the curtains to our window and I saw this, be still my heart!


Isn’t that a gorgeous view of the Space Needle, not to mention you can see for miles. And if you think this view would look awesome at sunset, you would be right!


This hotel is wonderfully located too, only a few blocks away from the Space Needle and Pike Place. We walked to both, Pike Place on day one. I had to see them throw a few fish around…


and see all those gorgeous flowers. Not sure why flowers and fish go together, but they do pretty well. 😉



And of course, you know my love for coffee. So you know where I had to stop no matter how long the line. And yes, there was a very long line. But it was some of the best coffee I had ever tasted!


When we returned to our room from our first day exploring the city, we were surprised to find this waiting for us…


Champagne, truffles, popcorn and more! A perfect way to end a fabulous day in Seattle. I think I could have just moved right into the Pan Pacific Hotel! 😉

On day two of our visit to Seattle we toured the Space Needle.


You can find some pretty amazing views of Seattle from up here!



Later that day,we rode the monorail down to Westlake Center and had dinner at the Cheesecake Factory with some of my sisters college friends.  We had a ton of fun in Seattle but it was time to explore some other places. That brings me to number two of the top must-sees in the PNW…

Cannon Beach.


After that picture what’s left to say! 😉 No really, it’s amazing. My sister researched out this place and I guess Cannon Beach in Oregon was named by the Travel Channel as one of the seven World’s Best Beaches. You will find the famous Haystack Rock stuck in the sand here.


This was the view from our room. Even though it was a little chilly with the wind, it was a pretty amazing beach to behold!


We left Cannon Beach the next day and decided to drive towards Portland, OR. I don’t have any pictures because I was driving, but if you drive on highway 26 you will go through the most beautiful forest. It was so magical the way the light shined through the trees.  So different than any of the forests here in Colorado.

In Portland we enjoyed a lovely dinner and then made our way up to Olympia for the night. The next morning we were on the road again and traveling to our third must-see…

Oracs Island.

To get on this lovely island that practically kisses Canada, you have to ride a ferry. This was my first time on a ferry and I have to say….it was way cool!


Look at all the people greeting us when we arrived on Orcas Island. It’s like we were celebrities! 😉


From the port we headed inland to find our lodging for the night. When we pulled up to the Rosario Resort and Spa I was in love at first sight!


Then we got to see our room and I was really happy….check out this view!


We decided to have dinner at the resort too. Look how pretty it looks at night….


The next morning we got up and had breakfast at a cute little Inn Restaurant in town. We sat right across from this gorgeous view enjoying blueberry pancakes and some of the best hashbrown potatoes I’ve ever tasted!


After we enjoyed our breakfast and a little exploring, it was time to make our way back onto the ferry. It was so much fun to ride but the real fun was what I got to drive!  This sporty black Mitsubishi Lancer was perfect for our week long trip exploring the Pacific Northwest!


First off, all the luggage fit like a glove with plenty of room for souvenirs!


The seats were comfy and the ride was smooth. We should know…we drove from the top of Washington state to Oregon and back! 😉


The back up camera, the rain sensor windshield wipers, a great sound system, all more of the great features this sporty car had to offer us. We took it to the last night’s stay in the Seattle area…Cedarbrook Lodge. It’s an amazing hotel spa tucked away in lush wetlands only a few blocks away from the airport.




They have a FABULOUS complimentary breakfast with salmon, bagels, eggs, steal cut oats and more! So yummy!

If  your’re planning a trip to the PNW, be sure and PIN this to Pinterest to remind you of some awesome places to check out! There was so much to see and do, I’m sure if I ever go back I will find even more amazing places!


What’s your must see in the PNW?


  1. I was in Seattle this summer for a weekend for a friend’s wedding and I loved it! That city has such a great, laid back vibe. Wish I knew about Cannon Beach – it looks amazing from your photos!

  2. This is a part of the country I have yet to visit. It looks amazing and the air looks so fresh. Thanks for the tour!!

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