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Growing up, I didn’t have a chore chart or an allowance. My mother and father would ask me to do things such as wash the dishes or take out the trash. But I was never paid for them, it was just work to do because I was part of the family. But now that Sebastian is getting older (almost 10) he is constantly asking to buy stuff. So I feel it’s time to teach him about helping the family and how to earn money. I thought a chore chart would be the best way to accomplish both tasks.


Now, the above chore chart is completed with chores that my husband and I feel are appropriate for our son. But since I know the chores you pick will be different based on the needs and ages of your children, I created a blank one you can personalize:


(to print, just right click and save to your computer)

Let me explain how this chore chart is going to work in our family. The daily chores are tasks that Sebastian will do for free. I feel they fall into the category of just being helpful and maintaining the home as a family member. The weekly chores is where he will earn an allowance. He has five chores that will be paid a $1.00 each. If he completes them all in the week, $5 bucks is his to keep. If not, then he only gets paid for what he has completed.

We started this just last week and I would say that emptying the trash is probably his least favorite daily chore. I bet right now he’s wishing he had the help of WWE Wrestler John Cena! 😉


But hey, at least I get Hefty Ultra Strong Trash bags in the lavender and sweet vanilla scent. They smell pretty awesome and they’re super strong, so no tearing or leaking. (You can grab a $1.00 off coupon on your own box of Hefty bags here!) We thought about having him scoop dog poop in the back yard, so he has know idea how he dodged a bullet on that one! 😉

I think this chore chart will be good once we get the routine of it established. I’m hoping it will help to teach him to think of others needs and maybe react before being asked. Also, I see it as an opportunity to teach him how to manage money.

If you’re little ones are not quite ready for a chore chart yet, be sure and PIN THIS to Pinterest and save for later!

Want to teach your kids how to be helpful and earn money? Print my DIY Printable Chore Chart for your home and help your children learn valuable skills.

Do you use a chore chart in your home? Has it been helpful?

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  1. This is great, Laura. I love that there are “free” chores and those that are worth money. This gives your son a great incentive to help out, and still teaches him that there are things that he just needs to get done to help out. Thanks so much for sharing this on #shinebloghop! Happy you could join us again this week!

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