The Story Of A Can, A Frame and Some Paint

Once upon a time, alright it was actually a few weeks ago, I was Spring cleaning our back yard when I came upon my son’s old toy watering can. I was going to throw it out and then I had an idea…maybe a little paint would bring this can back to life. Hmmm…

So I grabbed the can and some sand paper. It was time to rub those frogs into history! Nothing personal frogs, just business decoration. 😉

Then I brought out the primer and applied a few coats. Maybe I could have skipped this step, but I didn’t want to risk those frogs coming back to life!

I let that dry and then I grabbed a can of Heirloom White spray paint. After a few coats I was liking what I was seeing. 🙂

I think I was able to give this can a new life and probably in a month I will give this can back to my son to play with in the backyard. (Thanks for letting me borrow it, S!)

Now that you know the story of the watering can, let me tell you about a white picture frame. I have been wanting to make a little chalkboard framed sign for a few months now. I didn’t really want to paint the picture frame glass as I would like to be able to reuse the frame whenever creativity strikes. 

What to do?  I remembered I had a piece of thin plywood leftover in my garage from a previous building project. I grabbed it and removed the glass from the frame and placed it on top, using it as my guide. I traced it then grabbed my saw and cut it down to the perfect fit.

It was then time to pull out the chalkboard paint. I carefully painted on one coat and let it dry.

The next day I conditioned the board (fancy way to say I rubbed some chalk on the board and then wiped it off), found a lovely Spring quote and grabbed my chalk marker.  What? Chalk marker? Yes! These are the coolest things! I found my set at Hobby Lobby and I used a 40% off coupon. Nice.

I wish I was better at free-hand drawing. I tried to be creative with a couple of the words…

I am so into the butterfly thing this year!! I had to add one to the frame. I simply hot glued him on. Easy peasy.

So that’s the story of the watering can and the white picture frame. They came together to make a lovely Spring display.

The watering can is now in bloom with beautiful company…a pitcher of Cherry Blossoms. I always like my displays to be balanced (Yes, I know that is a little O.C.D.) so I filled a jar with some Spanish moss and a few eggs.

Just so I can show you the bigger picture…

I love how the display looks in front of my Potterybarn knock-off mirror. I explained how I made that in this post here

The rest of this story will best be summarized with few words, but lots more pictures! 🙂

And I think we all know how the story ends. They lived happily ever after. Well, until the kid grabs the can and heads for the back yard. Then yea, it’s all over. 🙂


  1. This post is the perfect example of how a little creativity can move mountains. I love the mirror, the water can, all the flowers..and the cream color..just beautiful!

  2. WOW! How beautiful can an old watering can be?! I love this display…all of it. It says so much more than simply “Spring”, it says “Life is beautiful!”

  3. That watering can looks fantastic! It’s amazing what paint can do. I love your entire display. Megan

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