Friday’s Fantastic Finds

I have good news…

Time once again, for me to share some fantastic finds from the web. Here we go…

Fantastic Tree House….I have never been the tree climbing type. But I think this tree house could totally change my mind.

Fantastic Idea For Moms: Snack Stations. One for the pantry and one for the fridge. No more…”Mom, I’m hungry. Fix me a snack.” The power of self help!! 😉 (A list of healthy snack suggestions is also provided.)

Fantastic “Healthy” Cupcake: Pineapple Zucchini Cupcake. It’s got a vegetable in it. That counts right?
Fantastic Garden Tip: Tiered Galvanized Herb Garden. So simple to make, I may have to give this a try. The perfect garden for a small yard.
Fantastic Animal Cuteness: Baby Hippo. No fair! I want a baby Hippo! 🙂
Fantastic Movie Theater: Film on the Rocks. That’s right, head to Thailand and you can watch a movie on the water! How sweet is that?!

Fantastic Wisdom:

Fantastic Backyard Fire: Fire Bowl. Oh, how I wish I could put this in my small back yard and not set my house on fire! 🙂
Fantastic Ice Cream Creation: Blueberry Lavender Ice Cream! Wow! Get out…I didn’t know you could even make this flavor of ice cream.
Fantastic Movie: The Hunger Games. Hubby and I saw this last Monday…unbelievable. No, I haven’t read the books, but I think I might. If you haven’t seen…go!

Fantastic Good News: I was featured at! If you would like to stop by and vote for me, that would be awesome. 🙂

Have a great weekend everybody!

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