Six On Saturday: New Uses For Easter Things

With Easter being about a week away…
I thought I would give you some ideas for reusing Easter goodies.
I realize the chocolate will be all gone. 😉

1) Plastic Easter egg containers as snack holders. Give those eggs a year-around use by filling them with snack like crackers and Cheerios for your little ones.

2) Egg carton as a paint palette. Use a leftover egg carton for a custom paint palette for an afternoon art session.

3) Paper shred your own Easter grass. Feed colorful gift-wrapping tissue paper through your shredder to produce instant Easter-basket grass. 
4) Easter grass as packing material. Don’t trash that Easter grass, use it as packing material for delicate items. Then you will have no need to worry if whether your favorite bottle of Chardonnay will make it to your best friend unscathed.

5) Easter baskets as friendly gift holders. Reuse Easter baskets with treats–a batch of fresh made cookies, flowers, maybe baking items and jams–for a surprise on your best friend or your neighbor. 

6) Eggshell as seedling planter starter. Use a pin to poke a hole in the bottom of an empty egg shell. Then put it in an egg carton and fill with soil. Once your seedling appears, plant the whole thing in the ground. The shell will disintegrate and nourish the soil.

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