The Little Ones Gift Guide 2019

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A huge thanks to Crate and Kids who partnered with me on this post. Each item below has been picked by me — I know you’re little ones are going to love these gifts!

Shopping for the little ones at Christmas time is one of my favorite experiences. No matter the size of the gift or the cost, the expression on their little faces when they unwrap that gift is priceless! 

Our boys have entered this interesting stage when it comes to gifts. Sebastian is asking for computer drawing software and a phone (!!) and Britton wants pretty much anything! So if your family is like ours, this Little Ones gift guide is for you. It has a wide range of gifts sure to make any boy or girls face light up on Christmas morning!

This Little Ones gift guide is has a wide range of gifts sure to make any kids face light up on Christmas morning! #giftsforkids #littleonesgifts #giftguide


No. 1 Chair | No. 2 Teepee | No. 3 Lion | No. 4 Workbench

No. 5 Sleeping Bags | No. 6 Deer and Fox Head | No. 7 Bookcase | No. 8 Laptop Chalkboard

No. 9 Art Easel | No. 10 Whale Rocker | No. 11 Treehouse | No. 12 Forest Animals

No. 13 Kitchen | No. 14 Activity Chair | No. 15 Canvas


Let me tell you a little about the items I selected for this Little Ones gift guide…

No. 1 | Large Shark Nod Chair Every little one needs his/her own chair. The shark design is so great for a nautical themed room too!

No. 2 | Geometric Yellow Teepee I actually bought this for the boys last year and they loved it! It’s the perfect place to play or snuggle up and read a book. 

No. 3 | Jellycat Corduroy Lion I’ve been a big fan of Jellycat stuffed animals for years. We got the lion for Sebastian when he was an infant and it quickly become his lovey. Even though he’s now 13, I still have that treasured lovey in a special keepsake box. 🙂

No. 4 | Wooden Toy Workbench Got a little one who loves to build? This is the perfect play set to keep him busy for hours!

No. 5 | Sleeping Bags   Little ones love the sleeping bag adventure. Whether your actually camping or sleeping under the Christmas tree in the living room, sleeping bags make a great gift. I got the Wild Dinosaur Sleeping bag for Britton and the Lemur Sleeping Bag for Sebastian. 

No. 6 | Paper Mache Deer and Fox Head Such a cute decor for the walls. Collect the whole collection of animals and give your little ones bedroom a unique look. 

No. 7 | White and Walnut Mid-Century Bookcase  Great for books, toys or stuffed animals. And it holds it all while looking so modern at the same time! You can see it here in our boys bedroom. 

No. 8 | Personal Laptop Chalkboard A great gift for the little one on the go. No electricity required! 😉  

No. 9 | Wooden Art Easel Every creative little one needs a great place to draw. A classic wooden easel is perfect for the bedroom or playroom. 

No. 10 | Whale Rocker  This rocker is so adorable! And what little one wouldn’t want to hop on this whale and go for a ride?!

No. 11 | Treehouse Play Set  Britton’s #1 favorite toy on this little ones gift guide! He spends hours playing with it and even gets his older brother to join him. (See it in the boys bedroom HERE.) 

No. 12 | Wooden Forest Animals (Set of 8)  These animals are a must-get to accompany the treehouse. Such a great gift for imaginary play and building those relationship skills.

No. 13 | Gourmet Play Kitchen Set For the little ones that love to cook up a feast! And those gray cabinets and gold accents are look so much like a real kitchen.

No. 14 | Busy Baby Activity Chair  For the littlest one that loves to be checking out all the things. There’s plenty here to keep your little one busy, including a mirror, rattle, squeaky toy and more!

No. 15 | World Alphabet Canvas Wall Art  My boys love this canvas art. Britton likes to read it every night before bed. Great gift for adding world geography and reading into your little ones room decor!



  1. i love all of these gift ideas. so many. hard to choose. the kids would go crazy over all of them. its really hard to choose for the kids because they change their minds every few minutes. it drives me crazy. thank you so much for sharing your gift guide. it really helped me out. GOD BLESS!!!!!!!!!!

  2. What creative ideas. I have never seen the laptop chalkboard before; how cute. And I just love the idea of the treehouse with animals, especially if you have both boys and girls. And the canvas is adorable. Thanks for sharing these unique gifts.

  3. I love the teepee ⛺️ (how cute!) and the activity chair. The chair is perfect for little ones that are just starting to sit on their own! Plus it keeps them comfortable and occupied with those cute attached toys…

  4. I love how all the stores come up with such adorable Christmas gifts every year. The deer & fox ate beyond cute! Gonna have to snag those for Christmas decor!

  5. So many unique ideas for gift giving! Your guide makes it much easier for me to find the creative, well built items I like to give. Thanks!

  6. My husband and I just found out that we’re going to be GRANDPARENTS!!
    Therefore your site will undoubtedly become very helpful for me.
    Thanks for offering it..

  7. Absolutely love the pesonalized sleeping bags. They are perfect for siblings too! You can customize the creature and name. My older son would love the lemur and my younger the dino!!

  8. Beautiful gift guide for little ones. My granddaughter would love the workbench as she loves figuring out how to build things and see how they fit together.

  9. Jellycat makes the cutest stuff! Great quality too. I also really love those sleeping bags.My daughter and her friends would love them for sleepovers! Thank you for this refreshingly unique gift guide. I have seen so many lately but none of them have had these amazing items on them.

  10. i love the time and effort you put into the site,the love and kindness you show to us and allowing us to have a say means so much thank you.

  11. Thanks for the gift guide it’s been awhile since I shopped for a little one now I have a great granddaughter. I’m sure she’d love the rocking whale since she lives in Hawaii!!

  12. The chair is something my son would probably love, just have to figure out where I would put it, I think he would also enjoy the tree house play set and the easel. Such cute ideas.

  13. My youngest would love the kitchen set, and the oldest would love the art easel! I love The Little Ones! Their stuff is so nice!

  14. Loveee the gift guide! All of the items are unique and something the kiddos will remember because well, it’s not the same ol last min shopping items!! Great picks

  15. My boys are older now, but I’m definitely in trouble once I become a grandma! These gift ideas are adorable. The little teepee and activity chair are my favorites.

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