Thankful Thanksgiving Count Down: Day 4

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas….all through out my house….

Today I spent most of my time between working on my dining room table and decorating my house for Christmas (yes, I realize that I am majorly multi-tasking). I know Thanksgiving has not even arrived yet, but I was so busy this Fall/Halloween that I totally missed decorating. And I LOVE decorating for fall. So I was determined to get my Christmas decorations up so I could have time to enjoy them.

I am so thankful for the holidays. Want to know one of the reasons why?  I like the holidays because they bring change. And I am so thankful for change. Change keeps life interesting. Change brings new experiences and kind brightens things up (if you will). We put away the pumpkin and bring out the gingerbread. The spiders and cobwebs come down and the trees with bright lights go up. The fall leaves lightly float away and the snow generously covers the branches. 

The holidays bring a new perspective. Whether its to your home, to your spirit, or to your waistline…holidays are a blessing and I am thankful!

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