Thankful Thanksgiving Count Down: Day 5

I am going to share a secret with you….it’s not a big secret…just something that few people know about me. Alright, here it goes…for the last couple of months I have been training to run a 5k on Thanksgiving Day. Anyone who knows me knows that I do not run. I have never been a runner and every time I have ever tried to take up running, I have quit. (Head down in shame.)

Photo Credit: joshjanssen

But, this time is different. I set goal and this time I am doing it for me and my health. Not to look cool with my college friends, not to be that pretty skinny lady on the treadmill at the gym that you loath, and not to do just to brag (well, maybe a little). But all honesty, I am doing to to take care of me.

I feel good about myself when I run. I feel like I did something good for my body. And in turn I did something good for my family. Who knows? Maybe by running I have added 5 years to my health. That’s five more years of birthdays. Five more years of laughter. Five more years of beautiful experiences. Why not run, there’s to much to loose if I don’t!

Our health is a precious gift and blessing. I know that there are people to sick to run even if they wanted to. And here I have two perfectly (will be slender) working legs. Do I sit on the couch and just let them go to waste???? No buddy…I am going to use what the good Lord gave me and be thankful….

So today I run because I am thankful for my good health and I want to keep it that way!!


  1. Thanks, Nirma!! I can hear the clapping all the way over here!! 🙂 Two more days until Turkey Day…(I think I can, I think I can…)

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