Spring Cleaning Challenge Day 20: Tips On Cleaning The Garage

Cleaning the garage, really? Do I have too? 

I saved this cleaning task for last because this is 
an area in my own home that is need of a major cleaning.

I don’t know what it is about the garage but it seems
to be a magnet for stuff. 
Stuff that never disappears and only seems to attract more stuff. 🙂

The garage was obviously designed to store our vehicles. 
But many other items like 
shovels, sports gear, tools-you name it-
end up there too.

Which is why a clean and organized garage is essential.

I thought the best way to tackle this cleaning challenge was 
to break it down into 4 (kinda) easy steps:
sort, clean, zone and maintain.

The best tips for sorting the garage are:

  • use your driveway to sort everything into 3 piles: what you want to keep, what you can donate or sell, and what can be thrown out
  • I believe it is best to clear out the entire garage so you can begin with a clean slate
  • remember, if something hasn’t been used in two years it is unlikely that it will be used again

The best tips for cleaning the garage are:
  • before you put one item back in the garage, sweep the floors and clean the walls
  • BONUS TIP: a fast way to clean out the garage is to forget the broom and use a leaf blower (just an idea!)
  • if you have the time, painting the garage walls a light color can really transformer the garage into a clean and orderly space (be sure to prime first)
The best tips for zoning the garage are:
  • decide what you want your garage to be used for; parking, storage, gardening, woodworking (that would be me!), mud room, etc.
  • then make every area it’s own zone, based on use, and keep only the things that fit in each
The best tips the maintaining a clean garage are:
  • keep items off the garage floor–this allows for easy sweeping and prevents the slow creep of stuff across the space
  • keep vertical stuff organized by priority, the less often it is used the higher up it goes
  • items stored in cardboard need to be transferred into plastic because rodents love to make nests out of cardboard

If you follow these cleaning tips, 
you will have brought order and cleanliness to your garage,
hopefully for a very long time! 🙂

 Have you recently cleaned your garage?
Have any great tips to share?

April Spring Cleaning Challenge

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