Spring Cleaning Challenge Day 19: Cleaning Your Houseplants


  Today’s challenge may be something that is over looked in your home,
it is in mine. I am good about watering the green guys, but cleaning them? 
Not as much.

We all know that houseplants not only add beauty to our homes
but also help keep the interior air nice and clean.

We should return the favor by keeping them clean as well.

Houseplants need regular cleaning to keep them not only beautiful, but healthy.

It’s easier for plants to breath, soak up sun, make food through photosynthesis

when their leaves are free of dust and particles.

I will share with you tips on cleaning three different types of houseplants; 
shiny-leaved plants, succulents and cacti.

The best tips for cleaning shiny-leaved plants are:
  • moisten a cotton ball with warm water (or milk) and wipe both sides of the leaf
  • BONUS TIP: if you want to clean more than one plant at a time, you can simply place them in the shower and spray with a fine, tepid spray; wipe with a paper towel to blot excess moisture, let them dry before returning them to their places in the home
The best tips for cleaning succulents are:
  • these plants are sensitive–washing the fuzzy hairs that protect the plant can hurt the plant
  • to dust these little guys grab a soft paint brush and gently dust each leaf
The best tips for cleaning cacti are:
  • cacti can be a little scary to clean–careful of those sharp spikes–be brave 🙂
  • your best friend here is canned air, spray short bursts to blow away dirt and dust
If you follow these cleaning tips, 
you will have healthy, clean plants that will be thanking you! 🙂

 How often do you clean your houseplants?
Have any great tips to share?

April Spring Cleaning Challenge

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