Friday’s Fantastic Finds

I don’t know how you feel, but I feel like this week
has been the longest week EVER. I have longed for Friday!
I am so happy it is finally here!
Friday’s are the one day of the week that both my son and I 
can sleep in. No school or appointments. 
Just wonderful, wonderful sleep.
So how late did I “sleep in” this morning, you ask?
6:00! (That’s just wrong people!)
When we have places to go, I can’t get my son to wake at 8:30.
You see the irony here, right? Yea….
Well, let’s move. This week’s fantastic finds is a going to be fun…
Fantastic Snack Recipe: Rosemary Sea Salt Pretzels. I guess yesterday was National Pretzel Day. Even though I am a little late to the party, I am still all over this recipe!
Fantastic Boxing Buddies: 

Fantastic Wedding Funny: I wish I would have thought of this at my wedding. If you are planning a wedding, don’t forget this idea! Too funny!

Fantastic Places Around The World: Blue Lagoon, Reykjavik–Iceland. Never really though about visiting Iceland before, but this picture makes want to go.

Fantastic Tutorial Series: 31 Days To A Better Photo. I could definitely use these tips, how about you? 

Fantastic ‘Must Try’ Dessert: Towering Coconut Layer Cake. One lady made it four times in two months. Yea, it’s that good! 🙂

Fantastic Inspirational Thought: 

Fantastic One For The Kids: Snake Bubbles. I have a feeling your kids are gonna love this!

Fantastic Laugh Out Loud: 

Have a wonderful weekend! 🙂

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  1. Your “Friday’s Fantastic Finds” is by far my favorite feature of Inspiration for Moms. Thanks for sharing your fantastic finds…and always brigtening my day!


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