Six On Saturday: New Uses For All Things Paint

Almost everyone experiences with painting at least 
once in their lifetime, if not countless times.
We can all use some tips from time to time to get the job done easier…
1) Plastic bag as a paintbrush preserver. When you are called away from a painting project, keep brushes and rollers from drying out by placing them in a plastic bag. Tie them or wrap them with a rubber band to keep out the air. Then place in your refrigerator. You will be able to grab your brush and resume painting when ever your heart desires.
2) Baby food jar as paint bucket. Simplify paint touch ups by pouring a few ounces of new paint in baby food jars. You are now ready to repair nail holes and scuff marks.
3) Vanilla as paint odor masker. Disguise fumes with help from sweet-smelling vanilla extract. Simply stir in a few drops for each gallon of paint. (non-white paint!)
4) Baby oil as a paint remover. Dab some baby oil on paint splatters to remove latex paint from skin.
5) Store your paint like a pro. Place plastic wrap over the open can of paint and hammer lid close. Then store can upside down to create a tight seal around the lid.
6) Coffee can lid as a paint splatter lid. Cut a slit in the center of the lid and pull paint brush through. No more splatter drips on your hand or floor!
Do you have any great painting tips?

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