Spring Cleaning Challenge Day 15: Cleaning Your Computer

Today is day 15 of the Spring Cleaning Challenge 
and you are now officially half way done! 🙂
I have a question for you, did you know electrical equipment generates static?
That’s right, it means your computer is like a giant magnet for dust!
So if it has been awhile since you’ve cleaned it, there’s no time like the present.
A good cleaning now along with 
weekly cleaning routine in the future can extend the life of your computer. 

I have a few techniques that will help you properly clean your computer
and hopefully avoid any damage and expense repairs.

The best supplies for this cleaning task are:

  • soft, lint-free cloths
  • disposable screen-cleaning wipes
  • can of compressed air
  • spray bottle of distilled water
  • cotton swabs
  • spray bottle with one drop mild dish washing soap mixed with one quart water
  • duster
  • always remember to turn your computer off first before cleaning
The best steps for cleaning a computer are:
  • start with the monitor, identify your type (CLT or LCD/Plasma)
  • to clean CLT monitor screen: spray water on cloth so that is is slightly moistened–not dripping- wipe the screen, polish with clean cloth, you can also use disposable screen-cleaning wipes if you prefer
  • to clean LCD or Plasma monitor screen: use a soft cloth and a spray specifically designed for this monitor (found at most electronic stores), make sure your screen has cooled completely or you could possibly leave permanent marks
  • to clean the CPU, open your case (as instructed by your manual) and carefully dust, avoid touching the circuit board 

  • clean the keyboard, by turning upside down and gently shaking to remove debris, then use your can of compressed air in short bursts between the keys, finally wipe the keys and casing with a cloth dampened with dishwashing solution
  • clean the mouse, by first flipping over and removing the ball, wipe both the ball and casing with dampened cloth to remove dust, use cotton swabs barley dampened to gently clean inside the roller, replace ball
  • to clean the cords, reuse a screen-cleaning wipe and wrap it around the cord, start at the beginning of the cord and slide to the other end

If you follow these cleaning tips,
you will have cleaned your computer in just a few minutes time,
but hopefully you added years to your computers life.

 Do you have any awesome tips for cleaning your computers? 
I would love to hear them!

April Spring Cleaning Challenge

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