Friday’s Fantastic Finds

♪ ♫ Sunday, Monday, Happy Days
Tuesday, Wednesday, Happy Days
Thursday, Friday, Happy Days
Saturday, what a day
Groovin’ all week with you! ♫ ♪
Yes, that is the theme song from Happy Days! I don’t know why, but I’ve had that song stuck in my head today. I didn’t even watch the show when I was younger, my older sisters did though. All I honestly remember is Fonzie hitting the jukebox to make it play.  🙂
Anyway, it’s another awesome Friday and I have a great list of fantastic finds to share with you this week! So, on with the show…

Fantastic Fast Dinner Recipe: 20-minute Skillet Lasagna, a quick satisfying dinner when your short on time and effort 🙂

Fantastic How-to On Posing For Pictures: Now only can she decorate and cook, she knows how to pose! Thanks again for the info, Martha!

Fantastic Way To Add Some Curb Appeal: Living Monogram Wreath. I love this idea and am very tempted to make my own–if my to-do list wasn’t already so long. *sigh*

Fantastic Exercise Tips: 22 Plank Variations. Great way to tone your core and there are videos explaining each exercise. I like that! 🙂

Fantastic Inspirational Thoughts:

Fantastic “What Will They Think Of Next” Product: Window Nest Box. This would be so cool to watch baby birds grow–and kids would love it too!

Fantastic Funny:

Fantastic Gallery Wall Art: Use your kids hand prints to add to your own gallery wall. A great keepsake displayed in style.

Fantastic Mini-Dessert Recipe: Cherry Cream Cheese Tarts. I hear cream cheese and I say, “Yes, please!”

Have a fantastic weekend!!

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