Spring Cleaning Challenge Day 13: Tips on Keeping the Floors Clean

Today’s challenge is focusing on how to clean your floors.
Whether you have vinyl, hard wood or stone floors- I have some great tips for you.
The number one tip for all flooring is to vacuum regularly.
Experts recommended to do this daily or at least once week.
The more often you remove the daily accumulation of dirt the less work you have to do during a deep cleaning. 

Also remember to give your floors a break when moving furniture.
Slide tube socks over the legs of chairs and tables or a square of carpet under heavy furniture to protect your floors from getting scratched. 
A good rule to follow: never slide, always lift and set. 

Below you will find the best tips to clean your floor type.

Vinyl Floors:
  • apply a wax within 48 hours of installation and then every 6 months after
  • to wax, apply wax directly to floor and then spread thin with sponge mop
  • open windows and allow to air dry to a nice shine
  • for everyday cleaning, wet-mopping seems to remove most dirt effeciently

Hard Wood Floors:
  • if your floors are waxed, reapply wax once or twice a year and buff to revive shine
  • do not mop waxed floors because the liquid could cause damage, be careful to wipe spills as soon as they hit the floor
  • if your wood floor has a polyurethane finish, clean with a damp mop using a combination of one quarter water and one-quarter cup vinegar
  • personal tip: I like to use the Bona floor care system for my floors
  • BONUS TIP: to repair scratches in your hard wood floors, grab a walnut and rub over scratch (their natural oils will help hide the flaws)
Masonry Floors:
  • first step is to apply an all-purpose sealer with sponge mop (follow package directions)
  • wax about once a year with paste wax 
  • for everyday cleaning: use a damp mop with mild soap, rinse with clean water

If you follow these tips, your floors should be clean and beautiful for years to come.

Have any tips on keeping your floors clean and scratch-free? 
Share them in the comments below.

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