Spring Cleaning Challenge Day 12: Cleaning Your Smoke Detectors

I know this is a Spring Cleaning Challenge, but if this is you…
you win because that is one extreme cleaning move! 🙂
(I would love to stand back (way back) and watch this lady clean her house, wouldn’t you?)
Now that we started our day with a laugh, on to today’s cleaning challenge…
You might have been a little surprised to see smoke detectors
on my spring cleaning list.
 But this time of year is a perfect time to maintain these important
devices in our homes.

Experts recommend that you change your batteries every 6 months.
Use daylight savings as a helpful reminder and you will be unlikely to forget.
Set clocks back, change batteries. 
Then change them again in the spring, when you move your clocks ahead.

It’s also important to keep your smoke detectors clean.

The best supplies for this cleaning task are:

  • vacuum
The best steps for cleaning your smoke detector are:
  • vacuum once a month to get rid of cobwebs and debris
  • regular maintenance will also rid the detector of residue from cooking vapors and insects

Bonus Tip:
If you have experienced your detectors alarm, it may have scared your little ones.

Maybe a smoke detector redesigned in the shape of a bird would be less frightening.

Chick a dee is UL Approved and operates like any other standard smoke detector. The only difference is that it hangs watchfully from a branch attached to the ceiling. How cute is that? 

 If you follow this cleaning tips, 
your home will have safe, working smoke detectors. 

 Have any tips on keeping your smoke detectors well maintained?
Share them in the comments below.

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