Six Tips For Picky Eaters

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I think almost every mom in America, including me,
has struggled feeding those little picky eaters.
My son is usually pretty good, but sometimes he’s not quick to try new things.
(Even a new sweet dessert gets a polite, “No, thank you”.)
Of course I don’t argue with him to try a dessert, but dinner is different.
I want him to be open to trying new foods and to learn that new doesn’t have to equal “yucky”.

When I plan my weekly menu I am always looking for recipes that have three things:
 healthy, quick (30-45 minutes or less) and very simple to cook. 

My criteria has been meet with one simple magazine: Cooking Light Super-Easy Recipe Shortcuts. 

 I found this book last week at Safeway and I saved $3.00
off the cover price by using my Safeway’s just for U portal coupon! Woohoo!

Did you see those words on the cover: “Super-Easy”, “Simple” and “Shortcuts”?
Yep, they pretty much had me at “Super-Easy”! 🙂

 When I got home, I immediately started looking through the magazine.
All the pictures were mouth watering. 
It was soooo hard to decide which recipe I was going to try first.

I finally went with a Spicy Chicken Quesadillas recipe that I knew both 
my little man and I would love.

Once I had all my ingredients gathered up, I started cooking.

This recipe called for a cooked rotisserie chicken.
Let me tell you, that one item is such a time and stress saver!

I simply diced one cup chicken and then mixed it with 1/4 cup black beans 
and 1/3 cup salsa.
Next, I heated my iron skillet coated with cooking spray.
I laid my flour tortilla inside the pan and topped it with some of the chicken
mixture and then sprinkled on some shredded cheddar cheese.
Last step was to add my remaining tortilla.

I allowed the quesadillas to cook about one minute on each side
so they would toast up nice and crunchy.
I then cut them into fourths and topped them with a few slices
of avocado and a little dab of sour cream.
 A garden side salad completed the super yummy meal.

Let’s just say, these were a huge hit.
My little man had not just seconds, but thirds people! 🙂
And we had no leftovers and no picky eaters.
(Insert here: me doing a victory dance around the kitchen!) 

If you are wanting to do a little “victory dance” of your own,
try out these six tips for picky eaters. 
You never know, they just might help! 🙂

1) Start your meal with gratitude. 
After we say blessings, before anyone takes a single bite, 
my husband and son always thank me for preparing the meal.
It’s a great way to help start the meal on a positive note and 
helps me feel appreciated for my efforts in the kitchen.

2) Set a “try-bite” rule.
At our house, little man has to give something a “try-bite”.
Most of the time, once he tries something he will usually eat the rest.
But he can not refuse something simply because it’s new.

3) Let portions be a choice.
Let your child choose their own portions—within reason, of course.
(No, two peas is not an acceptable portion!) 🙂
They will feel more in control of what they are eating,
which in turn will make them more compliant.

4) Ask your child to help plan the weekly menu.
It will give them a meal to look forward to in the week
and I’m sure you will see lots of smiles at their selected dinner! 

5) Keep vegetables front and center.
Introduce the meal by naming the vegetable first.
This way you are centering the meal around the vegetables
and not on the protein or side dish.

6) Bring your patience to the table.
It’s not always easy, but the more you can stay calm and not react
the more your child will see fighting about meals is a losing battle.

So how do you help your little ones clean their plates?
Have you tried a Cooking Light recipe lately?  
Definitely pick up your copy of this magazine and try cooking something new. 
Oh, and don’t forget to use your just for U portal coupon available at Safeway’s site
(But don’t wait too long, coupon expires on August 30.)


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