Friday’s Fantastic Finds

Happy Friday!!
I love that moment don’t you! 
This week’s finds is going to be a little short because
I am having some internet problems at the cabin.
We are off to conquer the Rocky Mountains with a hike to Emerald Lake.
I will be sharing pictures on Facebook or Instagram if you 
would like to follow along. 🙂

Hope your Friday is full of adventure too and that you like my finds this week.
Fantastic Lunch Ideas: 30 Healthy School Lunches. I’m so glad I found this…it will be nice to have some new options for lunch.

Fantastic Nails: Dark French Nail Tutorial. Very pretty and simple to do.

Fantastic Words of Wisdom:

Fantastic I-Want: Kitchen Nook. I want one of these in my next house! I would even attempt to build it myself. 🙂

Fantastic Funny Animals:  Would love to see this guy hoppin’ around!
Fantastic Fall Outfit:  Love this, especially the jeans! 

Fantastic Funny: Totally true!! 🙂

Have a fantastic weekend!


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  1. I have always wanted a kitchen nook! They just seem to make the kitchen more cozy and fun too! I also the that outfit and just like you I love the jeans the most! Do you know where we can purchase them from or who they are made by? Keep up the good work. I like your style, very similar to mine.

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