Six on Saturday: New Uses for Wine Bottles

We all know that wine bottles contain 
some of our favorite relaxing beverages.
But did you know that once the wine is gone,
that bottle still has many new uses?

Discover six new uses for wine bottles
that may make you a tiny bit happy when the wine is all gone.
1) Send the party home. Send dinner guests home with some of your special sauce or cocktail mix in rinsed-out bottles. (You could even make your own decorative labels.)
2) Support your boots. Preserve the shape of tall leather boots by placing a bottle into each one’s shaft for reinforcement.
3) Use as bookends. A pair of bottles, with or without contents, can hold a small library together.
4) Create the perfect planter. Learn how you can make one of these beautiful wine glass planters from this tutorial.
5) Keep your plants hydrated. Make a slow-drip irrigator by drilling a 1/4 inch hole through the cork. Fill with water and place the whole thing neck-first into well-hydrated soil.
6) Roll your dough. Save money and skip buying the rolling pin. Simply place your dough between two sheets of plastic wrap to prevent sticking. Press down firmly on the bottle with one hand; grip the neck and steer with your other.

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Do you know of any new uses for a wine bottles?

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