Six On Saturday: New Uses For Zippered Plastic Bags

One of the most useful items in the kitchen…the famous zippered storage plastic bag.
Yes, they can keep your little ones gold fish crackers contained, 
but don’t limit them to just that task…
1) Funnel that peppercorn in a snap. No more runaway peppercorns! Fill a baggie with spices and then snip off the corner. Simply pour the pepper into the hole.
2) A easy prep bowl. Reduce your food preparation time by storing all your pre-chopped ingredients in these baggies. Dinner will then be ready in record time!
3) Save soup and save space. Stockpile soup by pouring extra portions into freezer baggies, then laying them flat in the freezer. Once completely frozen, you can stack them up. This saves you room in the freezer and you have a quick meal for a rainy day.
4) Store beauty products for an over-nighter. Fill bags with single portions of shampoo and conditioner. Also great for protecting Q-tips and  cotton balls from moisture.

5) Frost those cakes like a pro. If you don’t have a pastry bag, you can use a plastic baggie to decorate a cake or cupcake. Simply scoop the frosting into the bag, seal it shut, snip off a tiny corner, and start pipping.

6) Organize your frozen meat. Divide large portions of meat into smaller meal-friendly portions. Place in little baggies, then place in one large collective freezer bag. Then for example, when your recipe calls for two chicken breasts you can easily pull out what you need. (You can see this process in a step-by-step here.)

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