Friday’s Fantastic Finds

Hi there! How was your week? Mine was a little hard with being on this new diet. My diet seems to have a bad side and a good side. The bad side: I think it is making my head fuzzy or something because the creative part of me seems to be melting away. But I am down almost 10 pounds…that’s the good side! I figure, who cares if I can’t be creative as long as I am skinny! (kidding)

I’ve got some neat finds this week…

Fantastic Funny About Motherhood: The ‘What I Really Do’ picture is so me, I had to laugh. Many times I am trying to type with a 5 year-old hanging on my back!

Fantastic Food Art: The lady who made this Panda bread is one talented lady. Wow! How cool would it be to make this for your kids zoo-themed party?!

Fantastic Places: I have been so cold today that I wish I could just hop onto that beach. Maybe  someday I will visit Trunk Bay in St. John’s.

Fantastic “Crazy” Inspirational Thought: Won’t you be crazy with me?

Fantastic DIY Organizing Tip: I like love the way this message station is organized and decorated. The coolest part…Jen shows you how to do it yourself! 🙂

Fantastic Dessert: Homemade Snickers Bars. When will this diet ever end?! I am totally saving this recipe for when I can once again taste the sweetness of sugar!!!

Have a fantastic weekend!! 🙂

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