Dr. Seuss…An Inspiration To All

Tomorrow, March 2, is Dr. Seuss birthday. Being a former kindergarten teacher, I have a soft place in my heart for him and his amazing talent. So to honor him, I wanted to share with you all things inspired by Dr. Seuss.

These are the coolest Dr. Seuss shelves!
Love this quote because it is so true!
 Such a sweet picture
Read one of  Dr. Seuss classics, then enjoy this fun treat!
Another wise quote from the talented Dr. Seuss.
This cake is amazing! I think we can call it the perfect Dr. Seuss cake!
This is exactly how I felt as a teacher. 
Each child is a little person who is special.
And you can see the love for Dr. Seuss runs in the family…
 My son adores the book Cat in the Hat.
Although, it may be a tie between the book and the actually hat! 🙂
Thank you Dr. Seuss
 for inspiring our children to be the best they can be.
And remember his words…

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