Six on Saturday: New Uses for Wine Corks


We all know that wine corks are great for keeping 
the bubbly in the bottle.
But did you know those little pieces of cork
can do more than just give you reasons to celebrate?
So now that the holiday celebrating is over,
gather up those corks and give these six new uses a try.
(Oh and if you needed another reason to drink more wine, here ya go!)
1) Easily stop scratches. Glue even cork slices to the bottom of your chairs to protect delicate wooden floors.
2) Protect your fingers.Slip a couple of corks under the pot’s lid handle so you will always have something safe to grab when things heat up. 🙂

3) Safeguard your tools. Drill a hole halfway through the length a cork. Fit the cork over the end of a pointed tool to prevent damage to you (or the tool). 

4) Silence your cabinets. Muffle those loud banging kitchen cabinets by slicing a cork into thin disks and placing them inside the corner of the cabinets. Now, doesn’t that sound better?

5) Organize a sewing kit. Create a compact sewing kit by ticking needles and pins into a cork. Wrap it with a few strands of thread.

6) Make a cork mat for your bath. I love this cork mat. Learn how you can make your own bathroom mat with this step-by-step tutorial.

Do you know of any other new uses for wine corks?

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