Friday’s Fantastic Finds



Happy Friday, everyone!
Welcome to the first Friday’s Fantastic Finds of 2014!
I debated on whether or not I should keep this series running
but I’m just such a Pinterest addict that I’m consistently
finding cool stuff that I want to share with you.
What do you think? 
Do you like the Fantastic Finds posts?
Let me know….I’m always interested in your thoughts! 🙂
Changing subjects a little here, can I just be the first to say….
I’m so glad it’s Friday!
Between having to start the early back to school routine 
and hitting the gym again since like the 1930’s….it’s been rough!
I have been so sore, grouchy, and over all…..just plain grumpy!
I bet you want to be living in my house right about now. 🙂
I am so ready for the weekend.
If your week has been rough like mine,
take a little “Happy Friday” break and enjoy some fun finds! 🙂

Fantastic Spiked Dessert: Old-School Boozy Rum Cake. Oh, how I love Rum Cake!


Fantastic Organization Skills: Garage Pegboard Storage Wall.  Wow! I think this should come standard in every garage!


Fantastic Winter Outfit: I found this on Pinterest and unfortunately there was no information with it. Otherwise this outfit would be on my body all winter long!  But at least we got some inspiration. 🙂


Fantastic Words of Wisdom: Don’t you do it!

Fantastic DIY Tutorial: How to Stencil a Wall. My master bedroom is going to get a whole new look and I want to stencil one of the walls. I am definitely going to refer to this tutorial.

Fantastic List: 20 Things To Start Doing. Honestly, I do some of them. But I need to do all!


Fantastic Dessert: Skillet Chocolate Chip Cookie. Their title says it all….”Nothing says “weekend” like a chocolate chip cookie the size of your face!” Couldn’t agree more!

Fantastic Funny: This cracked me up!
Have a fantastic weekend!

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