Six on Saturday: New Uses for Shoe Boxes

We all know that shoe boxes are great for storing shoes.
But did you know those small boxes can do more than just protect your ballet flats?
Discover six new uses for shoe boxes
that will make you think twice before throwing them out!

1) Display your jewelry. Spray the lid of a shoe box with glue adhesive and then wrap it with burlap fabric. Once dry, you can add a few thumbtacks and then hang on your wall. A great way to hang your necklaces. 

2) Organize ribbon. Use a hole puncher to make an opening for each ribbon to slide through. Plus, behind the ribbon is a great place to store scissors and tape.

3) Decorate your walls. You can achieve the same look as canvas, but using shoe box lids. This tutorial shows you to make some great chevron art. 

4) Store holiday lights. Trim the edges of of a show box lid and wrap sting lights around it. Then slide the whole thing inside the box. A great way to protect your lights on the off-season.

5) Create wall shelves. Once you add some spray paint, a shoe box can be perfect for displaying light weight items on your wall. This tutorial shows you the step-by-step.

6) Divide your drawers. Cut shoe boxes in half, along the length or width, and fill the leftover compartments with folded undies, socks, etc.

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Do you know a new use for a shoe box?


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