Six on Saturday: New Uses for Paper Towels

We all know paper towels are great for cleaning up spills
but did you know that roll of paper can do more than just clean?
Discover six new uses for paper towels that may cause you to stock up on a few rolls.
1) Test the life of old seeds. Are those two year old watermelon seeds still good? To find out, dampen two paper towels then lay down a few seeds on top. Cover with two more damp towels. Over the next couple weeks, keep the towels damp and check to see if any sprouting has begun.
2) Keep your veggies fresh longer. Don’t let that lettuce go bad before it’s time. Line your vegetable bins with paper towels to absorb the moisture that causes your fruits and vegetables to rot.
3) Cook your bacon (without making a mess). Layer two paper towels on a plate. Lay your bacon side by side on top; then cover with two more towels. Place the plate in your microwave and cook on HIGH for about 3-4 minutes; checking on 1-minute intervals for crispiness.
4) Stop rust in it’s tracks. After you clean your cast-iron pots, place a paper towel in each to absorb any moisture.

5) Remove silk on your corn. Dampen a paper towel and run it across the ear of corn. The towel will simply pick up all the silk.
6) Clean your sewing machine. Did you just tune up your sewing machine and now you’re worrying about residual grease? Don’t! Just stitch a few lines up a paper towel first.

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Do you know of a new use for paper towels?

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