Six on Saturday: New Uses for Paint Chips

We all know that paint chips can be so useful
when deciding what new color to paint your bedroom.
But did you know that those little chips
have some pretty colorful new uses?

Discover six new uses for paint chips
that will add some nice color to your world! 🙂
1) Create a memory game. Need to help your little one learn their colors, make a memory match game. Bonus: super portable–great for restaurants.
2) Label your gifts. Slide a paint chip under a ribbon or punch a hole and thread ribbon through as a tie.
3) Mark your place. Create a colorful bookmark by trimming the chips to a size you like and then pasting two colors back to back with some rubber cement. Finish the project by adding a string or ribbon.
4) Name their place. Fold the chips in half and prop them up as place cards, writing each person’s name on a shade that suggest their best qualities (like “Inner Glow” or “Delicate Peach”).

5) Make a wallet. Yep, with a little bit of cutting and some sewing you can make your very own paint chip wallet. See how it’s down here.

6) Hold your cards. Learn how you can make these cute paint chip card holders with this tutorial.

 Do you know of any other new uses for paint chips?

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