Sweet and Sour Chicken {Kraft Recipe Makers}

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Hey, hey! Happy Tuesday to you!
So let me set the stage for you.
You’re in the grocery store shopping for your weekly groceries.
Oh no! You forgot what you planned and don’t know what to buy.
I know….you’re surrounded by food, yet you can’t think of a single recipe!
(It’s happened to the best of us. It happened to me. It happened Thursday.)

It was a perfect opportunity for me to try Kraft Recipe Makers. 

 With this helper, my “what’s for dinner?” stress was instantly gone!
Basically it’s two different savory cooking sauces that you add to your 
fresh ingredients to make one complete meal.

You can even choose from three different prep methods, 
like a slow cooker, a skillet or the oven.
You just follow the recipe that’s already printed right on the back of the box!

Once you select your Kraft Recipe Maker, go grab a few ingredients.
I found my box of Recipe Maker on the pasta isle, next to the mac n’ cheese boxes.
But in some stores, it may be located near the meat department.

I had everything gathered up, it was now time to start cooking. 🙂

First, I cooked my chicken pieces in the simmering sauce.
Then I added my bell pepper and onion and cooked them until tender.
Lastly, it was time for the finishing sauce and pineapple.
From start to finish…an easy 30 minutes.

While I was cooking the chicken dish,
I had enough time to cook up some rice and a side of broccoli too.

Once everyone took a bite, we all agreed…it was super yummy. 
Even little man was a happy camper eating his dinner!

I really like that we were still eating fresh ingredients 
and it was one of the easiest meals I made last week!

So, have you tried a Kraft Recipe Makers yet?

I was selected for this opportunity as a member of Clever Girls Collective and the content and opinions expressed here are all my own.


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