Six on Saturday: New Uses for Leftover Wallpaper


We all know that wallpaper is great for giving 
your walls a stylish new look.
But did you know that same colorful paper can do more than
just update a room?
Discover six new uses for wallpaper that will have you thankful
for those leftover pieces! 🙂
1) Protect your surfaces. If you like to craft, protect your favorite desktop or table from the hazards of glue and cutting. Simply lay down some durable wallpaper first to cover your work area.
2) Line your drawers. Add a little style to the inside of your drawers with wallpaper cut to fit. Attach with double-stick take or mounting squares so the paper won’t shift.

3) Make a table runner. Use a few feet of wallpaper to make a unique and stylish table runner. No need to worry about stains and dribbles! When your done, just wipe off and roll back up.
4) Cover your books. Save the brown paper bags for the kids! Cover your favorite reads with stylish leftover scraps of wallpaper. Bonus: Many of these book covers are tear-resistant.

5) Decorate a lamp. Create a lampshade that is uniquely you with wallpaper. Just trace, cut and glue!
6) Create stylish clipboards. Leftover pieces of wallpaper are perfect for giving a clipboard a brand new look.

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Do you know a new use for wallpaper?

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