Friday’s Fantastic Finds

Hey there you awesome reader!
We made it to another Friday and I could not be more happier. 🙂
There has been no school for my son the past two days
because of testing for the fall year.
So my son has been hanging with me.
It’s been fun but it has also started my thinking about summer break.
I better get my little booty organized now!!
If I don’t,
I’m going to be way behind and my son is going to be bored out of his mind! 
Ya, I have realized all of this in just two short days.
(I’m a quick learner!)

So that’s why I’m behind this morning and getting my post out late.
Little man was up late last night (cause it’s wasn’t a school night)
and I was interrupted about 100 times. 🙂

I predict in the future you will be seeing a post about how to organize your summer.
Yep. Pretty sure. 🙂

Any who. It’s time to celebrate Friday with some fantastic finds! Enjoy!
Fantastic Dessert For One: Mini Apple Pie Cookies. I have never felt the need to say this until now… Shut the Front Door! I am sooooo going to make these!

Fantastic How-To: De Pill Your Clothing. Looks easy enough. 


Fantastic Travel Keepsake: Personalized Photo Map. I think I may have squealed a little when I stumbled across this project. Such a cool way to show your travels!

Fantastic Must-See and Do: Nassau Paradise Island. I am adding this awesome place to my bucket list. Oh ya!

Fantastic Spring Outfit: Love the top and the bag! (I couldn’t find the original source so if you do, let me know.)

Fantastic Words of Wisdom:

Fantastic DIY Spring Project: Wooden Doormat. Such a fun way to add some color to your front door.
Fantastic Dessert: Banana Carmel Cream Dessert. I have been craving a banana pudding treat and I think this picture just pushed me over the edge!

Fantastic Funny: Oh happy day! 🙂
 Have a fantastic weekend everyone!

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