Six on Saturday: New Uses for a Turkey Baster


We all know that a turkey baster is great for helping
you cook a tender and juicy turkey.
But did you know that same baster can do more
 than just provide a tasty dinner?

So let’s talk turkey and explore six new uses for a baster in your home!
1) Dust the tiny spots. A turkey baster is perfect for dusting tight places like between computer keys.
2) Create pancake art. Use a baster full of batter to make custom pancakes on the griddle. You can start with easy designs like shapes, letters and numbers. Then work your way up to more complicated designs, like the leaves below.
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3) Open frozen doors. Fill a baster with warm water and saturate the area around the door edges until the ice melts.

4) Change your water. Easily change dirty water in a flower vase with a baster by suctioning up the old liquid. Then add fresh water directly from the tap. Bonus: you don’t disturb your beautiful arrangement! 

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5) Fill your doughnuts. A baster can easily help you fill your homemade pastry treats with jelly or pudding.
6) Clean your Betta bowl. If you have a small fish aquarium, use a baster to suction up debris. Please, reserve this baster for the fist tank ONLY! I clean Pirate Bob’s bowl with a baster twice a week. (Bob pictured below)

Do you know of new use for a turkey baster?

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