Six on Saturday: New Uses For Jelly-Roll Pans

We all know that jelly-roll pans are capable of baking
a warm, gooey chocolate chip cookie.

But did you know they have other uses besides baking?

1) Create a mess-free turkey-carving station. Place a plastic cutting board inside the pan. Now you can carve your turkey with fowling up. Get it?  he he

2) Strong odors…be gone! Have a horrible smell in your home that won’t go away? Sprinkle some cinnamon on a pan and bake for an hour at 250 degrees. 

3) A shiny new memo board. Set the baking sheet inside a 16-inch plate hanger mounted to the wall. Just be sure to check if the sheet is magnetic~ so your great ideas will stick.
4) Keep Spike’s food and water neat. Place your dogs food and water bowls on a pan to keep little messes from an excited eater under control. 🙂

5) A stylish rain boot tray. Fill a baking sheet with some pebble river rocks (found at garden centers). No more boot puddles! 
6) Keep your fridge clean and accessible. Place items on pan inside your fridge. Spills are easily contained and if you need to reach for something way in the back, simply pull the pan out.

Do you know any other great uses for jelly-roll pans?

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