Friday’s Fantastic Finds

I am so excited to say…
I have made some progress this week.
(Insert Yippie!)
Lots of painting done and some cabinets built. 
Hope to share some pictures early next week.

But today, there will be no work on the room.
Instead little man and I are going on a school field trip 
to a local pumpkin patch.
Sebastian has been so excited to just 
ride the school bus!
Wait until he sees the wagon ride. Oh boy.

Before we had out on our pumpkin adventure,
I want to share some fantastic finds with ya. Enjoy!

Fantastic Fall Drink: Pumpkin Chai Latte. Have I mentioned that I love chai tea? I know, only about a 100 times! 🙂 But this chai has a nice addition of pumpkin. Yum.

Fantastic Reminder: I am totally soaking in this season as much as I can because…

Fantastic Hair Trend: Ombre hair seems to be the new look lately. Honestly, I’m thinking about doing this to my hair. 🙂 Love the highlights on the ends.

Fantastic Soup Recipe: Lasagna Soup. Oh. My. Goodness. I am so going to try this!

Fantastic Inspirational Thought: You simply must!

Fantastic Fall Look: Love this look, especially the boots! Well ok , the bag too!

Fantastic Halloween Costume Funny: I know Halloween is still a few weeks away, I just couldn’t wait to share this one. Totally cracked me up, love those pugs!

Have a great weekend!

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