Six on Saturday: New Uses for Egg Cartons

We all know that egg cartons are great for transporting eggs
but did you those cartons can do more than just prevent a few cracks?

Discover six new uses for egg cartons that may make your life easier.
1) Hold your kids playing cards. Cut a small slit in the bottom of each egg carton cup. Then your little one can easily stand the cards up in each slit.

2) Control your junk drawer. Place an empty egg carton inside a drawer to organize smaller items in the cups and larger items on the other side.

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3) Grow your garden. Egg cartons are the perfect size for starting your garden from seed. 

4) Create a paint palette. Help your little artists paint with ease by using an egg carton to organize all their paint colors. Bonus: easy clean up! 

5) Protect your Christmas ornaments. Egg cartons are perfect for protecting and storing breakable ornaments.

6) Make a sewing kit. Create an adorable sewing kit by spray painting your egg carton and then filling with needles, thread, buttons, etc. You can even make a made-to-fit pincushion for the other side.

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Do you have a new use for an egg carton?
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