Six on Saturday: New Uses For Bleach Bottles

Bleach can be your best friend when it comes to cleaning.
But when the bleach is all gone,
the bottle still has more jobs to be done.

1) Start a garden right. Use the bottom of bottle to create a miniature greenhouse for seedlings. (Place the bottle open-side down over the plants.)
2) Create a scooping helper. Cut the bottle diagonally across the middle of the empty bottle. Save the bottom for above tip and keep the top for a scoop for soil in the garden or a cat litter.

3) The perfect painting helper. Cut a hole in the side of the bottle to make a great painting helper with it’s own built-in handle. 🙂
4) Discover a new type of dumb bell. Fill two empty bottles with sand to create instant dumb bells for your next workout.

5) Create a sturdy template. Paper templates can often change in size and easily get destroyed, Simply cut off the top and bottom of the bottle, then make a slit in the remaining circle of plastic so that it can lay flat. Finally, trace and cut out your template. Now you have template that you can use again and again.
6) An easy way to send ice melting. Store rock salt in a clean and completely dried bottle, tightly capped. When the next storm hits, you can remove the cap and sprinkle away without having to remove your gloves! 

Do you know of any other great uses for bleach bottles?

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