Fall Vignette with DIY Grapevine Pumpkins

I am so happy because my favorite time of year is almost here…

I love the cooler nights,
the pretty colors,
the crispness in the air, 
and oh, chai tea. I miss that bad! 🙂
But most of all I love the fall decorations.
This year I decided to give my pumpkins a new twist with a little grapevine.  


I wanted to bring a natural look to my fall vignette this year.

I was inspired by a picture from Better Homes and Gardens
They used grapevine twine, but I could not find that anywhere.
So I got creative and found something at Michael’s called Naturally Wired.
I think I was able to pull it off because I love the new look of my pumpkins.
The steps to make this are rather easy after you gather your supplies.
  • pumpkin (I used the plastic carve-able ones)
  • Naturally Wired twine
  • staple gun
  • super glue
  • prune cutters (or if you are more equipped–wire cutters)
First I measured my twine around the pumpkin and the cut several pieces.
(Yes, I used a prune cutter. I don’t own a wire cutter so I just rolled with it!) 

I placed the twine in the crease and used the staple gun to secure it underneath the pumpkin. 
It doesn’t look pretty down there but no one will see that, right? Right! 

 Then I placed some super glue in one of the pumpkins crease and placed my twine
on top holding it in place for a few seconds.
To make the curls at the top I just wrapped some twine around my finger like so…
And here is the finished project…
I decided to do a couple variations just for fun. I really like this guy..
I did the same style  except I also wrapped some twine around horizontal.
I love that little lighted pumpkin. I found him at Michael’s 50% off, 
so I just had to bring him home. 🙂
This pumpkin just got a few twists around him…
I grabbed a wreath that I bought at Pier 1 years ago to hang on my mirror.
I love the whole look. 
Although this space is awesome during the day,
you should see it at night.
Happy Fall!


  1. What a super idea. I love Fall decorating too. I’d love for you to link up to my Fall into Fall party that opens tonight at 8pm EST. Hope to see you there.

  2. Anyone that can take a staple gun and make something so adorable is a winner in my book! Thank you for sharing this at my party this week! I love it! I will also be featuring this on my Facebook page ♥

  3. Wow, I have the same console table and pumpkins and I think I need to step up my game. Your vignette is adorable! Stopping in from the Inspired Room.

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